Autism Acceptance Month chat

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This #AutChat is about Autism Acceptance Month (which is this month—April). Autism Acceptance Month was started in 2011 by Paula Durbin-Westby as a response to harmful and insufficient autism awareness campaigns. #AutChat

Q1: Do you do anything in particular to celebrate or acknowledge Autism Acceptance Day/Week/Month? Why or why not? #AutChat

Q2: Have you run into other April autism-related events, campaigns, etc, online or offline? Do you do anything differently offline or online during April because of these? #AutChat

Q3: Are there autism-related or acceptance-related activities you’d like to see during April? #AutChat

Q4: If you could get one message across to everyone who hears about autism this April, what would you want it to be? If you could send an extra message specifically to other autistic (or similarly neurodivergent) people, what would you send? #AutChat

Questions for this chat were written by @endeverstar.

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