Building in-person support circles

Read past chats on this topic here: March 8, 2016, July 15, 2018, November 8, 2020, and April 23, 2023. (Early editions of this chat refer to “real-life support circles”. A participant pointed out that the internet is real life, too, so we changed it for later chats.)


Q1: Do you currently have in-person support circles? If you want in-person support circles, or bigger ones, what are your goals? #autchat

Q2: Where, specifically, have you gone to try to meet people to begin or build support circles? #autchat

Q3: What difficulties do you run into when trying to start or build support circles? #autchat

Q4: How have you tried addressing difficulties in building support circles? What has worked? What hasn’t? #autchat

Questions for this chat were written by @theoriesofminds.


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