Apr 9, 2017: Acceptance and awareness (transcript)

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@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Today’s #autchat is on awareness and acceptance.
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Q0: Introduce yourself! Say anything you like about yourself or your interest in #autchat or in today’s topic.
@bovastic (homo superior): Hey everyone! ??? #autchat
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A0: Nicole, early 40’s, former blogger, teacher, self-dx female married to trad-dx male, we have a trad-dx son; Missed you all! #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A0: 51 yo late dx husband, father, and grandfather. Formally diagnosed less than a year ago. #autchat
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): @autchatmod A0: Casey, 24, Aspie ☺ looking to start a neurodiversity ministry at my church soon! #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @autchatmod A0 #autchat Guess I’m here.
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A0: Still not enough coffee.
@dougwaddell (Doug Waddell): A0: Looking forward to the chat–I think there’s so much work to do in this area. #autchat
@endeverstar (homo qui vixit): a0 hi hi hi i’m endever* and i’m caffeinated! 31, usa, trans, queer, crazy, ravenclaw, writer, crafter. dx’d but imposter syndromey #autchat
@endeverstar (homo qui vixit): a0 i have to leave at :40 as usual #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A0. I’m Alex, 29, from Toronto. Self-dx’d. Been enjoying all the neurotypical awareness this month (lol jk) #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): A0: I’m a NB trans, autistic, multiply disordered young adult and spoonie who is proud to be all of the above. #autchat
@textuallimits (Alyson): A0: Hey. I’m relatively new to all of this and still working on the whole awareness/acceptance thing #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): A0: Heya! WoC dx’d as an adult. I do not want to settle with awareness only. #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A0 It’s that time again! I’m Sarah/Owl, self-diagnosed ASD and dx’d anxiety, ADHD, SPD, EDS. Today’s #autchat fits my job, library outreach.
@theoriesofminds (theories of minds): A0 Hey all. I’m a writer and #autchat mod.
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @endeverstar Aww man, I’m so jealous of your caffeine. Literally just woke up. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @autchatmod A0 #autchat Autistic and more nd stuff, spoonie, physically disabled, wheels user, so…
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): In April, many autistic communities focus on acceptance, in response to problems with autism awareness campaigns. #autchat
@eventualaspie (Aspetrix ?): Q0 I’m feeling awesomely autistic because I cooked dinner on time and was feeling like non-masking me today. 42 yr old (F) UK. #autchat
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Q1: What does autism awareness mean to you? What kinds of awareness do you find helpful vs not helpful? #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): A0: I’m also really into representation in media, creating my own stuff, & learning to train my future service dog right now! #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @autchatmod A1 #autchat Not sure what to think of those words. I mean, I know them, but… I just know that “awaren… https://t.co/M5H4m5A2ma
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A1: Widespread “awareness” is of the “holiday folkfair” sort. Learning a few “tips” about Autism, but nothing of substance. 1/3 #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A0a Awareness is a big word bandied about the library and honestly I hate using it because awareness doesn’t always lead to action. #autchat
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): A0: Hi, I’m Abi! They or he pronouns. firmly in the #redInstead #AcceptanceNotAwareness camp #autchat
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A1: Many are “aware” of other cultures & people like to “try on” w/o deeper implications. This creates stereotypes. 2/3 #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): A1: To me, ‘autism awareness’ brings up the problems of awareness without acceptance, which can put us in more danger than nothing. #autchat
@eventualaspie (Aspetrix ?): Q1 still figuring out what awareness means to me TBH. Particularly grateful for older women telling their stories this year ? #autchat
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A1: Once you are aware, you don’t have to be made “re-aware” every year. Folk Fair is easy so we repeat it & don’t grow. 3/3 #autchat.
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A1: Awareness bores me. Awareness and ignorance seem to be such happy bedfellows that I can’t get excited about the former.
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A1: In the US, there’s very little real, widespread awareness of actual autism, especially in adults who have found ways to cope. #autchat
@endeverstar (homo qui vixit): a1 proper awareness to me would mean authentic narratives from #actuallyautistic ppl that can help others self-id #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A1.1: Scare tactics and negative stereotypes are not very helpful. There’s a lot of that out there. #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): A0 Hi all. Think recently there is increasing awareness of autism, work on understanding/acceptance next I guess. #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A1.2: Too much awareness focuses on very young white boys. People grow up to be teens and adults. #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A1.3: And the white male focus screens out other autistic images (female, PoC, etc.) #autchat
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A1: For me, awareness is heavily assoc w/A$ etc, so I much prefer acceptance. Helpful awareness would b… https://t.co/TIsHovjWS9
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): A1: autism awareness linked w A$ (Autism Speaks) and light it up blue and that sort of ableist allistic drivel… https://t.co/8tV8cittNm
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @tmorizot add dyadic and cis, and not so much otherwise disbled, and I’m in. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A2.2: It’s so easy to say you’re “doing something” by “raising awareness.” You don’t actually have to have anything useful to say.
@bovastic (homo superior): A1: This is especially relevant being trans as well: I didn’t used to see such direct animosity in news, by politicians, etc. #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A1a Totally thinking dictionary: knowledge of. The problem with that is knowledge of doesn’t mean accurate knowledge of. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A2.3: You just write “AUTISM” on a big sign or something and suddenly you’re helping me somehow? Sure.
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): A1: this is my first April after ASD dx, so I’m still learning a lot. Especially about awareness vs acceptance #autchat
@endeverstar (homo qui vixit): a1 but yeah like a lot are saying, “awareness” mostly just gets used as an excuse to perpetuate negative stereotypes #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @bovastic true. With anti trans hate, I’d rather people be less aware and thus recognize me less as trans. #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): A1: Awareness is just that. At worst it’s harmful & at best neutral. ..so I don’t really care for it. #autchat
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A1 2/2: understand autistics & ways for autistics to be able to understand themselves – e.g. what’s an ‘autistic thing’ #autchat
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): A1 (p2): I think helpful awareness would b that autistic ppl are diverse in identity+experience, and autism isn’t a… https://t.co/ZtNLOGD181
@dougwaddell (Doug Waddell): A1: At its best, awareness implies acceptance *and* education about autistic people; in reality, it seems directed at cure-finding. #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): A1 To me autism awareness should mean that if I say “I’m autistic” to anyone they shouldn’t say “no you’re not” / “but you….” etc #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): @broken_neurons It’s hard for me to decide how I feel. One one hand it seems a necessary step, but it’s just plain terrifying. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @tmorizot Apparently if you’re coping you’re cured, I hear. #autchat
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): True – awareness of adult ASD seems to be dismal. #autchat https://t.co/noWxSE60PK
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @diabeticrhythm that sounds like one point of what I’d see as “acceptance” given the current meanings the words seem to have. #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A1b Once I was aware of autism I learned more about it, but a lot of what I was aware of was misinformation. This is bad awareness. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @bovastic yeah, in the end, no visibility will mean stagnation wrt acceptance. But safety > too much risk in activism. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @endeverstar Oh man, I can just see the “ethnic diversity awareness” material now… #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): @broken_neurons I think acceptance is more about not trying to change/cure you but just help you improve skills you… https://t.co/h6NyUdqZ3M
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @OwlStory that’s me some 10 years ago. Luckily “this time round” I found the right people. #autchat
@theoriesofminds (theories of minds): A1 I’d like to see more awareness aimed at autistic people who don’t know they’re autistic. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @diabeticrhythm That’s part of acceptance too. #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A1c There is this quote by Steve Garber that comes to mind: to have knowledge of is to have responsibility for… (paraphrase) #autchat
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): Lol yes! This! #autchat https://t.co/BTl2xn14d5
@endeverstar (homo qui vixit): a1 i think part of the prob is that ppl think awareness = “listening to nts talk abt autism”. which… ?!?! #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @diabeticrhythm both the accepting how we label ourselves “I’m Autistic” both the fact, and our language choice. #autchat
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): @theoriesofminds I would, but I find it interesting how many I find in quiet talks one-on-one vs. the media blitz #autchat.
@bovastic (homo superior): A1: Also, “autistic” as an individual term didn’t used to be a generic insult as a slang among teens like gay and the r slur, so… #autchat
@textuallimits (Alyson): A1: I think awareness often focuses on a narrow view of what autism is, and it tends to make being aware the end goal #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @diabeticrhythm and of course also really accepting who we are, with all our traits. #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A1d I basically work in a library so my belief is that accurate awareness is integral. #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): a0 aspie, human; not a big fan of labels for humans #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @theoriesofminds I agree and for me the autism means hash tags were one example of that. #autchat
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Q2: How can autistic people/autistic cousins increase helpful awareness? How can other people help? #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @hautdesert i’m about to make some more coffee now 🙂 #autchat
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A2: Telling our stories, positives & negatives. But “awareness” focuses on how we are “broken.” 1/2 #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A1e So basically good awareness is fact-based awareness. It is from that awareness you can base movement on. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): A2 #autchat I don’t know much more than showing who we are in different ways. In offline, and online…
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A2: Amplify autistic voices. That would be helpful across the board. #autchat
@eventualaspie (Aspetrix ?): A2 just keep talking about it /writing/sharing/interacting. Actions small/personal or big/wide must all make a difference… #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): A2 #autchat telling our own stories and pushing for people to listen to these rather than nt made stuff.
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A2: This forces us to highlight only positives to fight the negative. We can’t be honest until we stop the hatespeech. 2/2 #autchat.
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A3: See previous responses; this is when I check out to make more coffee.
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): A2: I think autistic ppl r already doing a fantastic job. There are many writings about autism from an autistic pov… https://t.co/M6a4QvAGtS
@bovastic (homo superior): A2: Well I’d like to establish that the burden of improving awareness shouldn’t be on those afflicted, though it usually is. #autchat
@textuallimits (Alyson): A1.1: there’s been a particularly crap “awareness” campaign in the UK recently which involves NT people sitting in glass boxes #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): Sorry, that’s A2. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A1. For me, awareness is a matter for doctors & for #ActuallyAutistic folk – especially young people. #autchat
@endeverstar (homo qui vixit): a2 us: demanding that our voices be heard, others: listening #autchat
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): A2: NTs need to STEP BACK & give the mic to #ActuallyAutistic ppl. Especially minorities within the autistic community. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @bovastic This might, however, conflict with our wish that nt don’t speak over us? #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): a1 awareness is meaningless. it’s like all the ? sold with pink ribbons in october: also those are for just “awareness” #autchat
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A2: For autistics & cousins: Increasing awareness shouldn’t be obligatory. But if u want to then I gues… https://t.co/gzcMayhhOx
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): A2 (p2): allistic people can ally by boosting autistic voices (sharing blog posts, bringing up aut acceptance talki… https://t.co/ZgoEV6pl4M
@bovastic (homo superior): @crstalclodsquad This is very true! We already have a ton of info by us out there, it’s just buried. Allistics can… https://t.co/AWzLkNhb1p
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A1 [cont’d]. Doctors need greater awareness of the diversity of presentation of #ActuallyAutistic folks. #autchat
@dougwaddell (Doug Waddell): A2: I think this depends on each autistic person’s situation. For me, it meant going very public. Others work best in anonymity. #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): @autchatmod A2 I’d think autistic people can increase awareness by telling people they are autistic, explaining so… https://t.co/3CKS3AzGeU
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A2 2/3?: speak abt ur own experiences & how they differ from popular (wrong) ideas of autism & autistics. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A1 [cont’d]. #ActuallyAutistic people who haven’t received a Dx need awareness to recognise their own neurodivergence. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @dougwaddell this isn’t contradictory, given social media that can be used with pseudonyms. #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): A2: Allies don’t need to come up with campaigns or writing. Consult us. We have plenty written or ready; share them. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @textuallimits I’m intrigued by this idea of putting NTs in boxes. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @diabeticrhythm there may be different “levels” of awareness. #autchat
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A2 3/3: For allistics: Amplify autistic voices! Argue against things like A$, listen to what autistics… https://t.co/WFR5XS8tSM
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A1 [cont’d]. As well as awareness of the #ActuallyAutistic communities they can reach out to, and the supports they’re entitled to. #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): @autchatmod A2 cont. In real life I very rarely if ever say I am autistic though. I just explain without using the… https://t.co/saOs9l7Pof
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @diabeticrhythm awareness might be more about knowing, the cognitive part in the non-aut surrounding people. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @diabeticrhythm while acceptance might be in the (possibly: resulting) actions? #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): A2: If an allistic person does branch out to help with their own ideas, it should be with autistic consultants/approval only. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard And people without medical dx need to have other Autistics with dx ally with them in terms of #SelfDxIsValid? #autchat
@dougwaddell (Doug Waddell): @broken_neurons By “public,” I just meant not using a pseudonym, but yes, some of the strongest public voices are t… https://t.co/05ev8frW1t
@bovastic (homo superior): A2: DO increase representation if you make fiction! Just always have (paid) sensitivity readers who are autistic. #autchat
@textuallimits (Alyson): A1.2: Having spent most of my childhood with people telling me I could be normal if I just tried, I’m not a fan of this metaphor #autchat
@eventualaspie (Aspetrix ?): A2 Put their beliefs & judgement on hold. Honestly? I did not know enough about #autism until I realised that was me. #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): @broken_neurons Change in action resulting from knowing sounds like a good definition. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): This whole “revenge of the nerds” scenario is getting more love than it ought to, guys… #autchat #seperatism? https://t.co/K8mMPFhxxS
@bovastic (homo superior): A2: Hire autistic people. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A2. #ActuallyAutistic folks can participate in patient / healthcare advocacy, focusing on ⬆️clnical recognition / support. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @TheHealstorian Similar to my idea: Awareness is (in best case) knowledge. Internal to the mind of surrounding people. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @TheHealstorian Or, public knowledge. #autchat
@sojasarkasmer (The Red Tulip): A0 Hi! Living in Sweden, age 36, happy to participate in #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @TheHealstorian Acceptance isn’t just thinking we matter, but acting like we matter? #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): A2 (1): It saddens me because I don’t think it should be on autistics to spread info to make people to see us as human.#autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): A2: Always be seeking for ways you could accommodate more people of more types. #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): a2 probably the best way is by showing (write, talk, make videos) to show how we percieve the world, so NTs can learn of other ways #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A2 [cont’d]. Would love to see awareness initiatives focused on helping #ActuallyAutistic people to recognise their neurodivergence #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard tbh I don’t like the patient/”health” framing of autism? (though some co-occurring things may be health related) #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A2 [cont’d]. Allistic people can step back and let #ActuallyAutistic folk talk about the issues that are of concern to us. #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): A2 (2): We don’t have the power to stop our own oppression, the change has to come from the NT-world. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A2 [cont’d]. Amplify us, defend us when other NT people decide we’re bullies for having an opinion about ourselves. #autchat
@textuallimits (Alyson): A2: I think speaking up is important, especially if you don’t fit the “traditional” model, i.e. white, male kid #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A2a Helpful awareness means a fact-based approach, with the ability to say “I don’t know, but this autistic person may know” #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A2: we should consider disinformation campaigns. Someone make a fake news site so we can convince folks we have laser eyes.
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier Not sure with this. Acts of mercy are rarely given by the privileged – liberation is more often fou… https://t.co/QuWWoWg0v4
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): A2 (3): Autistic self-advocates & activists are already working hard. It’s upp to allistics to finally listen #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier (meaning, actual liberation out of mercy from privileged) #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @broken_neurons to be able to access a lot of supports. Perhaps awareness campaigns to de-medicalise it would be more effective. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard Yeah, to me acceptance (for all disabilities) would include us not having to “prove” our needs. #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @alexhaagaard it would be awesome if doctors could just recognize #ActuallyAutistic people in front of their face.… https://t.co/wcD7nuwGMD
@textuallimits (Alyson): @hautdesert It’s a bit weird, but they seem to like it and it keeps them quiet for a few hours. #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): @autchatmod Oops. As I feel people should understand that “I find x difficult” without me having to explain a medic… https://t.co/J7GP9LkQJL
@sojasarkasmer (The Red Tulip): A1 NT-led Awareness campaigns are mostly useless, full of harmful stereotypes. But awareness of #ActuallyAutistic v… https://t.co/R7cAUUZyNe
@bovastic (homo superior): Awareness campaigns about the social model of disability as a thing instead of just medical/flaw models. #autchat https://t.co/EhJbx0TphP
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A2b Basically, quote your sources, and get comfortable with saying that you don’t know the answer. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @Unuhinuii That’d be lovely! #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A2: It’s official. I’m now raising funds for autism unawareness.
@theoriesofminds (theories of minds): A2: I’ve been toying with the idea of crowdfunding a bus stop ad campaign by/about autistic adults. But…other stuff to do. #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @diabeticrhythm @autchatmod as long as their friends or workplaces are willing to adapt/accommodate/be inclusive. u… https://t.co/Jhdp2fXWyJ
@bovastic (homo superior): A2: Don’t judge behaviors you don’t understand until you know someone is autistic. Just don’t judge ‘weird’ behaviors w/o ‘proof’. #autchat
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Q3: What does acceptance mean to you? What does it mean for someone to be accepting toward you? #autchat
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A3: Acceptance means being willing to learn how society harms Autistics and trying to change that. Acceptance means listening. #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A3: Not sure. My youngest kids accept me pretty much as I am, but they always have. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @bovastic not *judge* it at all? Regardless if the person is autistic or not? #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A3.1: I’m not particularly “out” as autistic anywhere except the Internet. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): A3 #autchat Some already talked about: a) if I say I’m Autistic, don’t question it.
@bovastic (homo superior): A3: For someone to be accepting toward me, they wouldn’t insist on proof, wouldn’t see me as an other vs. their normal #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A3.2: I guess performative normalcy is almost second nature to me. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @hautdesert Been thinking a good response to Autism Warriors might be to assemble a guerilla Autism Special Tactics… https://t.co/uizeILjdO3
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A3/x: That’s the million-dollar question, innit? And my coffee still ain’t ready…
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): A3 #autchat b) If I say I have a specific need/strength/weakness, don’t demand proof.
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A3.3: It’s both costly (to me) and always imperfect, but I think I’m mostly seen as a “quirky” typical person. #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @hautdesert @textuallimits NTs also conned the “thinking outside the box” phrase. ? #autchat
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): A3: seeing that I am autistic and different from an allistic person, and firmly believing that I am just as whole a… https://t.co/IbfZ9Ay25l
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): A3 #autchat c) Accept who I am with all my traits. Except I’m violating your boundaries or negotiating conflicting needs, of course.
@endeverstar (homo qui vixit): a3 interpersonal: not staring/flinching when i stim, listening when i use aac, not saying “but you don’t seem autistic” #autchat
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): A3 (p2): accepting actions are offering/granting accomodations, reading/boosting autistic voices, and encouraging m… https://t.co/RvNekAGRga
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): @Unuhinuii @autchatmod Not sure why they would need to adapt? Diagnosis doesn’t change who you are, just gives a na… https://t.co/dCuCeKf0IC
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A2c Basically this is for everyone, because there is a plethora of outdated/bad info out there. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A3. Accept that my neurodivergence doesn’t make me a bad person. I’m not cold or inconsiderate or tyrannical. #autchat
@endeverstar (homo qui vixit): a3 structural: a medical system that doesn’t suck and accommodations that work #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @alexhaagaard You had me at guerilla. #autchat
@eventualaspie (Aspetrix ?): A3 acceptance = not being doubted or disregarded when I state my needs, being included. I also have rights & respon… https://t.co/q9DqwXHp04
@bovastic (homo superior): @broken_neurons Yeah; don’t make fun of odd harmless behaviors and deem it not ableist because you don’t know if th… https://t.co/qknWGAJib2
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @diabeticrhythm @Unuhinuii @autchatmod Often though when someone discloses an ‘invisible’ disability, workplaces wi… https://t.co/LmrPHH4zex
@dougwaddell (Doug Waddell): A3: For me, acceptance means treating me the same way as before I revealed my status plus wanting to be educated about the topic. #autchat
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): A3:NTs offer grace, b sensitive 2 my sensory overloads, don’t force me 2 act normal, Listen 2 me & share my #ActuallyAutistic voice #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @diabeticrhythm @autchatmod can you give some hints/examples of how you phrase it?? could be useful to many of us #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): @broken_neurons Sorry, that one was a bit hard to word clearly! #autchat
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Remember to tag tweets with #autchat so they show up on the tag.
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @diabeticrhythm @Unuhinuii @autchatmod that person’s skills / work ethic / etc. and use that as an excuse to let them go. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A3.2: I don’t have much interest in individual levels of acceptance. Remake society or GTFO.
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @eventualaspie that’s the flip side, yes. We’re equally accountable while we have equal rights. #autchat
@textuallimits (Alyson): A3: when I say I don’t cope very well with certain situations, not to have people tell me “it’s not that bad, just try it” #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): And accommodations that aren’t subject to what abled people think is ‘reasonable’. #autchat https://t.co/kEPKRdhCsJ
@endeverstar (homo qui vixit): a3 (which to me includes financial support for disabled people who can’t work) #autchat
@alyzande (Alyzande Renard ?): @autchatmod A1 whenever i mention #autismawareness to friends their reaction is that they already heard about autis… https://t.co/By0XyyDkJ7
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A3.3: That said, if I can get my students to quiet down when I’m on coffee number 1 without it being some sort of power struggle…
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A3a Acceptance is listening, being able to step back and allow other’s voices to be heard. #autchat
@sojasarkasmer (The Red Tulip): A2 In my country, some of us are already doing a lot, more Autistic ppl need to unlearn internalized ableism and ex… https://t.co/rFbPGPnD5E
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): In the end, in capitalism, full acceptance will not be possible. A3 #autchat
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A3: accepting neurodiversity & the social model etc. Listening to #actuallyautistic ppl about lived experience etc #autchat 1/2
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @hautdesert @alexhaagaard Please let me be a spy! #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @textuallimits I wonder how they cope with getting slapped in the face a few times? #autchat
@bellyofthesun (Iris): So many interesting points being made in today’s #autchat. Feeling enlightened, as always. Don’t have much to add tbh. #autism #awareness
@eventualaspie (Aspetrix ?): A3 So I have to come to the table with some specifics and give feedback if things aren’t working. I play an active role. #autchat
@alyzande (Alyzande Renard ?): @autchatmod A2 #autchat most of my time seems to be taken up with explaining i need support our finding the most ac… https://t.co/tkZqmAInzE
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A3. Accept that our differences are not flaws. They make us who we are, and we are fantastic as is. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): I want to change my answer. #autchat https://t.co/jominvOSxB
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): A3 If someone accepts me they’ll probably be willing to do some of the small changes that make things easier for me? #autchat
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A3 2/2: & accepting that autistics are the experts on autism. Also equal rep for us in fiction & unders… https://t.co/azTU9iuBSq
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): A3: Acceptance would be when autistics no longer have to try to pass for NT to be accepted & safe. #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A3b They might not be your experiences, but they could be someone else’s. #autchat
@alyzande (Alyzande Renard ?): @autchatmod A3 #autchat acceptance totally different to awareness. Acceptance means helping us to be a part of the world.
@laracska89 (Larácska): Or autistics repeat what they’ve been listening re Autism their whole lives bc they’ve been only given 1 narrative.… https://t.co/dQFUPLssE4
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): @broken_neurons part of accepting me is telling me right away if I’m violating boundaries, instead of assuming I’m… https://t.co/cGfAs1EfPN
@textuallimits (Alyson): A3: not deciding that my approach to things is inferior, or looking at me like I’ve grown another head would also be nice #autchat
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): *standing ovation* #autchat https://t.co/PL1DZV95RS
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @diabeticrhythm @autchatmod if you don’t need any accommodation/adaptations/any action or awareness of anyone, why tell them then? #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A3c It means being able to understand the facts and to see them as facts. #autchat
@theoriesofminds (theories of minds): A3: “Acceptance” to me sounds like asking people to treat autistic people like everyone else. I’m conflicted about the word. #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): @Unuhinuii @autchatmod Was told to just describe the difficulty. E.g. “sorry I struggle to follow conversation in b… https://t.co/qTMuQ7NN1k
@textuallimits (Alyson): @alexhaagaard This is such a difficult area to navigate. I’ve had one workplace tell me that a quiet workspace was… https://t.co/fIYx3tJ3V2
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @crstalclodsquad True. #autchat
@endeverstar (homo qui vixit): time for me to go, thanks all! @hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat A3.4: This is sort of related, in terms of the meeting point between multiple kinds of cognition. https://t.co/VpYK7S9dg6
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @alexhaagaard @diabeticrhythm @autchatmod unfortunately even in sub/unpaid gigs. i’m more comfortable if i don’t ha… https://t.co/wm387LwoIF
@sojasarkasmer (The Red Tulip): A2 (2) Other people can help by listening, sharing our posts, learn about neurodiversity, speak up against ableism… https://t.co/h5gHv6Me3N
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A3d My instincts might say that “_ type of persons experience is like mine” but it might be the opposite. I need to listen to them. #autchat
@theoriesofminds (theories of minds): A3: Because often what we’re asking for involves a lot of change on others’ parts. #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): @EyesLikeEels @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @autchatmod Ah okay, I’ve maybe just had an unusually okay experience then.… https://t.co/AqkzCc4pkh
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): @diabeticrhythm Yeah. That sounds like it would be nice. ? #autchat
@eventualaspie (Aspetrix ?): A3/3 it may be that I need support in giving that feedback properly or being understood. Like anyone who may be struggling TBH. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @diabeticrhythm alas that’s where it usually gets hard with many nt people. #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): A3: It would include always asking if autistic people are leading campaigns about us, not trusting ones where we are not. #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @sojasarkasmer I think many autistic ppl in Swe needs to stop shunning the word ‘autistic’. As they are atm. #autchat
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Q4: Are there forms of acceptance that are more helpful than others? Are any kinds of acceptance not helpful? #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A3e This has been my own experience with POC autism experience and the aut exp in general. I have to be aware to listen to accept. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @broken_neurons @diabeticrhythm NTs are notoriously inflexible. #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): @diabeticrhythm Though I have noticed my youngest doing some of that. She’s incredibly sweet and sensitive. That wo… https://t.co/U5crIOGcEh
@alyzande (Alyzande Renard ?): @autchatmod A4 #autchat I’d love to know, I’m rather pessimistic this week.
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @diabeticrhythm @EyesLikeEels @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @autchatmod similar (but also not *so* much positive happene… https://t.co/Fp8JAfySJ9
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A4: Sometimes Autistics are unwilling to interact with allistics. To paraphrase Freire, we must fight his mess together. (1/3) #autchat.
@sojasarkasmer (The Red Tulip): A3 Acceptance sounds like a very modest thing to ask for. Makes me sad that we’re still far from that goal. #autchat https://t.co/42RwjJP3ZX
@asperchica (Asperchica): I try to meet halfway with NTs, so I’m not very reactionary. We must learn about the real science of autism to be g… https://t.co/S4qEklJZBH
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A4a Misinformed acceptance. I may understand the autism experience to be one way, and accept that, but not the whole story. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @hautdesert @diabeticrhythm hehehe. You mean “resistance to change” is actualy in dx criteria for neurotypicality s… https://t.co/jh7sMqacDL
@bovastic (homo superior): A4: Acceptance that claims ‘they are just like us’, or want to be, isn’t helpful (for example, with gay marriage) #autchat
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A4: Raising awareness about eugenics orgs is critical. We’re lighting candles, but if the smog remains, no one will notice. (2/3) #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): A4: It keeps privileged groups considering themselves the default and not analyzing why they do what they do, that it isn’t THE way #autchat
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A4: We need activism. We need each other, and we need to build a less ableist society. Autistic & allistic together (3/3) #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): A4: Acceptance has to be genuine. Which it often isn’t. ‘Acceptance’ often comes with demands. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @autchatmod A4 #autchat I think not helpful wouldn’t be acceptance as I understand the word?
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @crstalclodsquad @diabeticrhythm @autchatmod not all workplaces are supportive in that, even if they have big thing… https://t.co/rMz88hTMBP
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @asperchica Part of the problem w/ science though is that it’s framed and conducted by NTs, so it will always refle… https://t.co/tlI3Px7z0q
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A4: Acceptance as a stopgap – accepting those of us that are here but still working towards prevention/… https://t.co/58DMqFW6yK
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A4: I’m not sure I’ve ever felt truly accepted and that’s still true outside other autistic voices. #autchat
@eventualaspie (Aspetrix ?): A4 I guess rigid thinking from either side. We all need to be prepared to be wrong and learn and to not generalise. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @OwlStory good point. For example, I used to understand sensory oversensitivity/avoidance more than undersensitivity. #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A4.1: I guess I would have to be more “out” before I could assess the response. #autchat
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): A4: actions, not just words: Respect people’s boundaires and identities, advocate for autistic rights, speak out ag… https://t.co/X9DIDULpR2
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): It’s funny cos it’s true. #autchat https://t.co/Qotxv5vhA0
@sojasarkasmer (The Red Tulip): A3 (2) I feel accepted if they don’t challenge things I reveal about myself, if they trust that I know more than th… https://t.co/xX7JiJHWSL
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @diabeticrhythm @EyesLikeEels @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @autchatmod Good. I didn’t get all accommodations I’d need e… https://t.co/zguY6FpGEG
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A4b If you accept only one autistic appearance, than you might not be able to accept the whole experience. #autchat
@dougwaddell (Doug Waddell): A4: If it’s true acceptance, then it’s all good. However, some might say they accept when what they do is pity and patronize. #autchat
@asperchica (Asperchica): Awareness as campaigns from entities who only give NT narrative & don’t allow #ActuallyAutistic people is NOT aware… https://t.co/t8kV7Vbitu
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A4. I’m always happy when NTs of my acquaintance ask me questions about autism & autistic issues. #autchat
@theoriesofminds (theories of minds): A4 I worry about people seeking help for things like executive function issues and being met with “you’re great as you are!” #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A4c This led to a lot of my own self doubt, of course. #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @diabeticrhythm @EyesLikeEels @alexhaagaard @autchatmod if i were in a good computer related environment, i’d be mo… https://t.co/UIokgY5aLt
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A4.2: But need to focus on working through it with my partner before that’s really an option. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A4. Shows me they’re listening and actually interested in learning. #autchat
@GwendolynKansen (Gwen Kansen): @autchatmod Q4: I had a friend who’d gently tell me I did something awkward. Like “omg, that’s so Gwen.” A sense of… https://t.co/han14yB5lN
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): A4 (p2): not helpful to pretend that autistic ppl are the same as allistics. It seems nice, but it just leads to la… https://t.co/4LLX1HiA7K
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @broken_neurons @diabeticrhythm I’m trying to organise a fundraiser. #autchat
@GwendolynKansen (Gwen Kansen): @autchatmod Q4: I hate it when people know you have autism but they’re still too uncomfortable to talk about it. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A4. Of course, I feel very differently when NTs I don’t know feel entitled to demand answers. Their motives are usually different. #autchat
@asperchica (Asperchica): Agreed, but science is broad. It has been recently studied that genes related to autism are related to intelligence… https://t.co/n1nd4UQtgk
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @broken_neurons @diabeticrhythm Funds will be spent employing awareness campaigners (me). #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @hautdesert @diabeticrhythm #autchat https://t.co/QNBjpExt01
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): Absolutely! Seeking education about autism from me as an #ActuallyAutistic adult is always welcome. #autchat https://t.co/vufRR0Cw9Q
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @diabeticrhythm @autchatmod friends know me well enough to not freqk out when i wear shades, listen with eyes close… https://t.co/5QVuHezwF6
@bovastic (homo superior): A4: Another bad form of ‘acceptance’ is telling people that they aren’t disabled/don’t struggle when they say they do. #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @asperchica When I socialise with NTs, I do 90% of the emotional labour involved, in order to pass & make things run smoothly #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A4. I’ve encountered the best acceptance from other neurodivergent people. My friends with MI take me as I am. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @theoriesofminds True. Presume competence would be superficial if it meant “you’re capable as you are” when you say… https://t.co/OeQ5yTziuu
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): @Connierific Reaction mixed among those closest to me, which is an obstacle to further disclosure. #autchat
@sojasarkasmer (The Red Tulip): A4 Depends on if they have really thought about what acceptance means. Sometimes it seems like it’s being used as a… https://t.co/tApX0AwP82
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @theoriesofminds Actually accepting and presuming competence is also accepting “I need support” as coming from the… https://t.co/8nqCSNPYKy
@theoriesofminds (theories of minds): A4 I also worry about people seeking help, and the helper assuming that their own acceptance makes everything ok. #autchat
@PsyMar (❄Michael❄#NeverTrump): @autchatmod A4: The most helpful kind of acceptance is accepting that sometimes I just need some space and to be left alone. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @theoriesofminds knowing needs/limitations. #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @asperchica Like @alexhaagaard says, science is not neutral. I don’t trust autism research by NTs, it’s usually very pathological #autchat
@asperchica (Asperchica): That’s not the kind of science I mean, the one that is debatable, the one that suggests tests don’t get girls. One… https://t.co/2L97IJMeqw
@Bluebirdlouise (CLE): @autchatmod a3 #autchat acceptance means freedom to ask questions without judgment, and embracing differences as be… https://t.co/Oj6MSCBjZ7
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @asperchica Which may be a limiting picture as that leaves out the not so “intelligent” (whatever ableist definition) Autistics. #autchat
@sojasarkasmer (The Red Tulip): A4 (2) If it means accepting a person “despite their autism” it’s not really acceptance! #autchat https://t.co/N8qJPtKv5Z
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @asperchica (And notably, still plays into existing NT stereotypes of autism, like the ‘smartest man in the room’ trope.) #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): @autchatmod A4 Maybe being too accepting is unhelpful? E.g. If people just accepted my mutism when younger maybe I’… https://t.co/NKg5yMMAYp
@textuallimits (Alyson): A4: unhelpful acceptance is that which doesn’t include everyone, e.g. only those who can hold a job or use verbal language #autchat
@nicoleradziwill (Nicole Radziwill): @NeuroNicole .our voices get drowned out bc we need extra time (and facilitation) extracting the message… which c… https://t.co/vsiOlMimxe
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A4: Also helpful to ask (willing) autistics abt what they need etc – accepting what they say but not as… https://t.co/KeR6EMo2KO
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): YES – accept my autism as a beautiful part of what makes me… me! #autchat https://t.co/0So8lOFD98
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): The supposed link to “intelligence” is as if autism needed to be “mitigated” by “at least intelligent” #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): So such research doesn’t have the best “taste” for me… #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): Agree. (Which isn’t to say we as people don’t need to and could make it a LOT better in that regard.) #autchat https://t.co/PJuk45cFiw
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @diabeticrhythm @broken_neurons @EyesLikeEels @alexhaagaard @autchatmod ideally it should be pretty easy: please co… https://t.co/qBQ2IRlrdw
@theoriesofminds (theories of minds): A4 You can create an accepting environment for a kid, but never help them prepare to handle un-accepting environments. #autchat
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Q5: Is acceptance enough? #autchat
@sojasarkasmer (The Red Tulip): @photon_barrier Definitely! They need to stop taking the words of AAF and professionals as gospel #autchat
@textuallimits (Alyson): @hautdesert @broken_neurons @diabeticrhythm Does your campaign mostly involve being autistic in public places? #autchat
@nicoleradziwill (Nicole Radziwill): A4: Thing I hate most is when ppl say “I’m willing to agree w/you, if you can sell me on your argument.” In their NT language. DOA. #autchat
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): A4 I do see some examples of places offering help that I’d be too scared to request. But they’re still trying so not unhelpful? #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): A5: It would be nice to be accepted and find out if it’s enough. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @textuallimits @broken_neurons @diabeticrhythm Nooo, I’m raising awareness for the poor NTs. So I put them in boxe… https://t.co/jF6VqKYuJk
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): A5: Acceptance can’t be enough because I can accept there ARE Autistics without it helping anyone (Autistic or allistic). #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @textuallimits @broken_neurons @diabeticrhythm Stop asking so many damn questions and buy a t-shirt. #autchat
@Bluebirdlouise (CLE): @autchatmod a4 #autchat any ‘acceptance’ that tries to apply a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t helpful. we need a… https://t.co/T8eGP9Ng0N
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @hautdesert @textuallimits @diabeticrhythm I’d want a campain for allowing BN to be their awesome Autistic self at… https://t.co/VzEghA6yYd
@bovastic (homo superior): Q5: To me the term acceptance brings up people tight-lipped and carefully wording the bare minimum, so no, but that’s semantics. #autchat
@eventualaspie (Aspetrix ?): A5 I guess the next level is celebration? It is possible maybe even happening in some pockets. world domination next? too much? 😉 #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): a3 acceptance means ? will hear the words i use, not obsess on tone of voice or facial muscles; not all communication is NT style #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): A5 #autchat Depending on how radical you define acceptance, it could be enough, as it’d imply abolishing ableism-capitalism,
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @sojasarkasmer They also need to let go with their obsession with function labels. Most events & organisations by a… https://t.co/AMKdAYw093
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): A5 #autchat *true* inclusion of diverse people including across the lines of dis_ability, but also other “lines”.
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A5a When misinformed, yeah. That’s why true acceptance is a constantly growing, changing process of awareness, research, acceptance #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): A5* #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @nicoleradziwill Ewww. Yeah, any time someone decides something affecting my quality of life is a fun topic for deb… https://t.co/Wwj7liHaGP
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): A5 #autchat Only the purely individual level of acceptance may not be enough for this.
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @broken_neurons @textuallimits @diabeticrhythm Try and find a celebrity endorsement is all I can advise. I think S… https://t.co/biOLP75BSE
@kcahp (Kcahp): @autchatmod Q5 I “accept” that some people are arrogant, ignorant brats, so no it isn’t. #autchat
@dougwaddell (Doug Waddell): A5: No, we need true advocacy from all those who truly, genuinely accept, especially since many of us necessarily remain anonymous. #autchat
@Bluebirdlouise (CLE): @autchatmod a5 #autchat the problem is the word acceptance sounds like being resigned to something, like one of the… https://t.co/wPdoQf58yA
@diabeticrhythm (Luceee): A5 No. I’d prefer people to just be more accepting/helpful to all people, not just those diagnosed autistic. Many others struggle. #autchat
@hautdesert (Bercilac): #autchat This’n —-> https://t.co/CaxPD7JVSM
@OwlStory (Sarah M): A5b It doesn’t end with your first acceptance. You’ll just end up back where you started. #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @sojasarkasmer Still centers around ableism, only allowing ‘high function’ ppl without aides to join. That’s gross… https://t.co/p4IzL0JMJC
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A5: Have seen #autismappreciation around lately, which I think is the next step – not just acceptance b… https://t.co/lq9xpUwjCn
@hautdesert (Bercilac): @kcahp @autchatmod I dunno. I’m kind of down with models of acceptance/coexistence that don’t require us to like each other. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @hautdesert @textuallimits @broken_neurons @diabeticrhythm They do seem to like being Locked In to places… #autchat
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): A5: Awareness needs acceptance. Acceptance needs activism. #autchat
@asperchica (Asperchica): I think the multiple intelligence model is efficient in these cases.We might be disabled,but we all can give st pos… https://t.co/RbE16oN4J9
@kathryna910 (Kathryn Andrews): @autchatmod A5: But acceptance is too close to just tolerance imo – says “OK, you can be here” but not “You are wanted here” #autchat
@ccruver93 (Casey Cruver): Oooo I like this. #autchat https://t.co/7TdoDiXTP6
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): Yes. Would love to see greater awareness from NTs of how harmful functioning labels are. #autchat https://t.co/T5RSPJzU3T
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @hautdesert @textuallimits @diabeticrhythm I might not understand what you mean? I know some of those words and don… https://t.co/OIzSyorggq
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @Bluebirdlouise @autchatmod I’ve seen Autism Appreciation Month. I liked that! #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): #autchat storytime! I have a story related to this topic. I had a work training that I volunteered to attend on autism in libraries.
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @asperchica aren’t we valuable regardless what (if anything) we can “give”? #autchat
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): The scheduled #autchat is wrapping up. It’s fine to keep chatting, join in late, or use the tag at other times!
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @asperchica Cause otherwise, where would you leave the really low spoons Autistics? #autchat
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Next Sunday’s #autchat is on intersectionality. Apr 16, 8pm UTC / 9pm BST / 4pm EDT.
@GwendolynKansen (Gwen Kansen): @autchatmod Q5: I’m not sure what acceptance means. Does it mean we can’t be discriminated against at work? That pe… https://t.co/RH2vw4rxcr
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): A5. No. Much as I hate people talking about racial / ethnic tolerance, I don’t want to be something that needs acceptance. #autchat
@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Feel free to suggest ideas for #autchat topics (or offer to help write questions)!
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): A5: Acceptance like awareness is too neutral. I want appreciation & great understanding too. #autchat
@asperchica (Asperchica): #autchat Scientists have themselves argued definition & almost came to conclusion we all have different ways to b “… https://t.co/VNqAKUXEml
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @alexhaagaard it’d be nice if accommodations didn’t need fights. my dark shades are with prescription, screenreader comes free #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): It was *bad*. The trainer used extremely outdated information (think 20 yrs old) and only 1 source was from actual autistics. #autchat
@crstalclodsquad (Abi): A5: I think so, if the concept is applied radically. Radical autism acceptance means creating a non-ableist, access… https://t.co/z0gKkCMmpo
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @broken_neurons @hautdesert @textuallimits @diabeticrhythm how & why A$ is so bad. #autchat https://t.co/O8swaxcRqL
@bovastic (homo superior): @autchatmod A chat on how being autistic intersects with other identities (also minorities, privileged, or unrelate… https://t.co/JeHY891DSG
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard And from some Autistics too. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @hautdesert @textuallimits @diabeticrhythm Oh I read of that. But I’m not good with names, so… #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @Bluebirdlouise @autchatmod And isn’t there Autistic pride day? #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): Not only that, but she used a one size fits all approach while saying that we are individuals! #autchat
@asperchica (Asperchica): We are valuable as human beings. We give and take every day, even if with a smile. We don’t have to b anything to p… https://t.co/9HPW2LBryZ
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier Hard to demand things in the consciousness of other people. My focus is on action. #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): A5 (2): I want liberation from the ableist shackles that are holding me down? Nothing less! No wonder Shatner blocked me I guess. #autchat
@bovastic (homo superior): A5: Enough would be something like…built in, assumed accommodation; nonexistant definition of normalcy. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier If people act in accepting ways towards me and fellows, I don’t care how much they can *really* und… https://t.co/0lskWTTzlj
@asperchica (Asperchica): … and that’s one of the things I feel I need NTs to understand when I talk to them. #autchat https://t.co/sM8qtR0zc5
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier Because perhaps deep understanding isn’t very possible for people who don’t share similar experience? #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): A5 (3): My ego is growing to be as big as his. #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): She is probably seen as very accepting by others (*insert ableist pity here*), and prob is, to a point. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @asperchica yeah and the “making up for a flaw” thing too? #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @broken_neurons Ugh, yes. Woooo internalised ableism! #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): a4 acceptance is good; si far haven’t found any “acceptance” violating my sensory or touch boundaries #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @bovastic universal design isn’t always possible (bc genuine access conflicts) but something to strive for as much as possible. #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): But the awareness she was trying to bring was so misinformed that it will be harmful towards acceptance in the long run. #autchat
@textuallimits (Alyson): A5: “acceptance” is too much like “putting up with” (although a step up from awareness), but I’m not sure what comes next #autchat
@sojasarkasmer (The Red Tulip): A5 Nope. It’s a start but nothing less than equal human rights is enough. #autchat https://t.co/H4QZCTgEnI
@asperchica (Asperchica): Some science also is base as to y we are neurodivergent, reason there is no cure & the ridiculousness of presuming… https://t.co/1Mf6cY3bUU
@NeuroNicole (neurodivergentnicole): @OwlStory Did she reference this monstrosity? https://t.co/FVBneCKctc They “updated” it for statistics, not patronizing language #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): This is important. A lot of proponents of #universaldesign don’t realise that some access needs conflict with other… https://t.co/gBp5vBcdE9
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @alexhaagaard @asperchica yet autistic focus would be superior in conducting science #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @Unuhinuii @asperchica Honestly, I think greater contribution from the people that science is ‘about’ would help wi… https://t.co/AR59ruKelx
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard Aspie supremacy, and anti self dx hate from autistics… #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): So my coworker suggested that I bring this info to the org that held the training. I want to, but I’m not sure how. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @Unuhinuii @asperchica I see this with narcolepsy & Ehlers-Danlos as well. We have perspectives that abled doctors… https://t.co/zz7vy4pLfN
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @alexhaagaard The DSM 5 dx comes with function labels, two 1-3 scales which are really not helpful in any way. Harmful :/ #autchat
@OwlStory (Sarah M): Probably because if the info that she is presenting is What our leading library association is allowing… would they listen to me? #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @photon_barrier @asperchica @alexhaagaard the world needs nore autistic scientists to conduct research on NTs ? #autchat
@asperchica (Asperchica): Obviously. #ActuallyAutistic ppl r already working on neuro of autism,that makes me happy.4 it to b science it can’… https://t.co/cjqeCBJHEl
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard Aspie supremacy is an interesting (read sad?) thing. They hate us lowly autistics but… https://t.co/X6HJmuaOJs
@asperchica (Asperchica): And to provide us with a lexicon or a manual on their “special” conduct too in dif societies too… lol. I need tha… https://t.co/Oro3cWkwbR
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard Anti self-dx is a pretty privileged thing. Getting an official dx requires access to… https://t.co/XE4oJToa8N
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @alexhaagaard @asperchica doctors also fail to ask about circadian rhythms. not an issue to them but to some of us they are #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @asperchica Yup, totally. I’d honestly really love to see more science about autism done by #ActuallyAutistic peopl… https://t.co/oFOUTbvBdU
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @photon_barrier @broken_neurons The DSM V is super problematic but that’s one thing I like, that they amalgamated A… https://t.co/SYi9WfqLLB
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier @alexhaagaard tell that them 😉 #autchat
@textuallimits (Alyson): @Unuhinuii @alexhaagaard @asperchica Unfortunately success in academic research relies as much on the ability to pl… https://t.co/jx2n9FKFt5
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @asperchica Sadly, it’s still NT researchers that are seen as the authorities on autism. I don’t think they’ll lose… https://t.co/wNRC7dMwMZ
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @Unuhinuii @alexhaagaard @asperchica they don’t only neglect to ask, but also like “oh 10am isn’t so early” when tr… https://t.co/IDCecgRVAe
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @asperchica See, for me, anything that’s done by humans is inescapably going to be biased by the experiences & view… https://t.co/5QnndLTWzr
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @photon_barrier same. #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): a5 no, as long as hate groups like autism$peaks exist and male ?ton of money of “awareness” #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @photon_barrier still medical model, but defo improvement compared to before. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @asperchica It can be a positive, like when #ActuallyAutistic scientists incorporate their experiences into their r… https://t.co/WuvsY2414L
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @asperchica btw i’ve always found the culture shock guides (to country you live in) helpful. those explain NT behaviors #autchat
@asperchica (Asperchica): True, real science doesn’t have influence bc most of time not funded by gov, AS, etc.Reason I love @Autism. We’ll m… https://t.co/S3GqAXbvfT
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard I will scream it from the rooftops! Since NT professionals usually know nothing of au… https://t.co/xqSJgqdX3z
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @hautdesert @alexhaagaard @asperchica mine are somewhat functional with a lot of coffee, some red wine and a hippo… https://t.co/4CjbjUhx0I
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @broken_neurons @Unuhinuii @asperchica Yessssss. Fuck clinics that need me to be there before noon ? #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard with convincing professionals not to dismiss you, and is therefore helpful if / when… https://t.co/5der97g2JI
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @broken_neurons @Unuhinuii @asperchica My old GP surgery only did bloodwork on Tuesdays before 10AM. Never got the bloodwork done. #autchat
@asperchica (Asperchica): I think it’s not about saying it’s unbiased as saying scientists try to b as less biased as possible,as NT scientis… https://t.co/ohC5rlEmMo
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @textuallimits @Unuhinuii @asperchica This is true – & getting funding as well. Looking at projects on… https://t.co/VjZEbLxTt3
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @textuallimits @Unuhinuii @asperchica with predominant, abled notions of disability & illness, and how much they pl… https://t.co/FY8bNLbCBY
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @textuallimits @Unuhinuii @asperchica (This is actually something I’d love to do a systematised study of ?) #autchat #marginsci
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier @alexhaagaard I wouldn’t link self dx to the condition “if/when seeking an official dx”? Or am I mi… https://t.co/vrdme3mbsI
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard I got my dx from the DSM 5, which I really prefer. But then I look at the part which… https://t.co/pyhqv9kMJa
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @asperchica Haha relatable. But have to do so soon. 🙁 #autchat
@textuallimits (Alyson): @Unuhinuii @alexhaagaard @asperchica I work in a university and cannot conceive of putting myself through the hell… https://t.co/epEP2AfRrR
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @asperchica But I have other issues… Afternoons are often only a thing starting at 2pm o… https://t.co/kY3Q253s2h
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @asperchica for my sake, I’d give up work, but money… 🙁 #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier @alexhaagaard when actually, the wording of the DSM doesn’t say functioning/severity level? But rat… https://t.co/u1Oacyag8R
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @alexhaagaard @broken_neurons @asperchica how do dig telemedicine? whip out phone and video conf with a doc? ? #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @asperchica I wonder if autistic scientists are perhaps more aware of this distinction. Most NT scientists I’ve enc… https://t.co/SVexcUxGhc
@asperchica (Asperchica): I c it somehow changing here in Europe.Sometimes it goes a good way,sometimes it doesn’t,but if it’s not static, we… https://t.co/w1Tpl0zlju
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @Unuhinuii @broken_neurons @asperchica I’d actually be really into this. I know a lot of patients see telemedicine… https://t.co/9e0rMH369j
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @Unuhinuii @broken_neurons @asperchica And I can see the risks that docs would pay even less attention. But I’d lov… https://t.co/HGjpLhChVv
@textuallimits (Alyson): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @asperchica Or just the way in which they expect researchers to reshape their lives to the… https://t.co/E9XVofPwoy
@asperchica (Asperchica): I think good scientists are. That’s what’s important. The other factors we can’t help, bc we’re humans… #autchat https://t.co/ijNG7FwQdV
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @asperchica I might actually like if there was written communication as *additional* route… https://t.co/mXUHHFhwSd
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @asperchica think examinations, but sometimes I might need that anyway. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @asperchica so being able to schedule *useful* times for appointments would still be neede… https://t.co/qzKZoSZzaX
@asperchica (Asperchica): That hasn’t even come up once in all the talks I’ve had, thank goodness. I don’t know if Europe is dif or what… https://t.co/9mc9s9LuAo
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @asperchica (where I live, there’s no ADA so doctors may have offices that are just Not Ac… https://t.co/Mew9oYubZg
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @broken_neurons @Unuhinuii @asperchica UGH. That’s appalling. #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard Tbf, I’m a bit confused when it comes to my dx, I think it used both dsm 5 & icd 10. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @asperchica true. That’s a country that has actually ratified the UN convention on the rights of PwD lol #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier @alexhaagaard Oh so you have two diagnoses? Double Autisms 😉 #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard But when I check the Swedish version, there’s 3 levels labeled difficulty levels. #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier @alexhaagaard Oh You’re right. 2 “dimensions” of “severity level” (DSM 5 original text) #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @alexhaagaard @broken_neurons @asperchica how much less attention? they already interrupt every 14 seconds in average #autchat
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @Unuhinuii @alexhaagaard @asperchica Haha that’s fun when I try to read from a list. “Don’t use the list” and interruption anyway. #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard @asperchica options would be nice. i like written because i could save the transcript later #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @Unuhinuii @broken_neurons @asperchica I really wish we had automatic access to our medical records. I’ve obtained… https://t.co/JhPOQnqMbS
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @asperchica True. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @Unuhinuii @broken_neurons @asperchica (And of course there was tons of horrifying, inaccurate stuff in there that… https://t.co/F15rWhKQSY
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard @asperchica there’s ADA here but that just means braille roomnumbers and wheelchair e… https://t.co/RNk6aLQ57r
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard If a person wants an offical DX later( accomodations etc) I think it’s easier to get… https://t.co/yzBSv4MqZH
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @Unuhinuii @alexhaagaard @asperchica I think braille room numbers (or braille labels on elevator keys etc.) are eve… https://t.co/WkJ9DJKzyb
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @photon_barrier @alexhaagaard Ah yes, this is true. #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @photon_barrier @broken_neurons I think for so many conditions, the only way people arrive at an official Dx is by… https://t.co/jQpVn8APoq
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard @asperchica if i visit a doctor, i’ll have my lists. they can look at my screen (no c… https://t.co/OJKPvyppLU
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @alexhaagaard @photon_barrier yes definitely. My physical issues agree with this point. :/ #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard I don’t think it needs to be a self-DXd person’s end goal at all. My point is that se… https://t.co/8iZHkrP0Jt
@broken_neurons (Broken Neurons): @Unuhinuii @alexhaagaard @asperchica but what if they don’t and they’re those in power? #autchat
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @nicoleradziwill @alexhaagaard @broken_neurons @asperchica “how is everything?” every two minutes ? is apparently w… https://t.co/L71oD7KOEQ
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @alexhaagaard @broken_neurons @asperchica also option to audit who has accessed out records #autchat
@alexhaagaard (Alex Haagaard): @broken_neurons @Unuhinuii @asperchica I always just get a pointed, passive aggressive, “Oh, you have a list?” ?#autchat
@asperchica (Asperchica): @alexhaagaard @Unuhinuii @broken_neurons I think we’ve all had that.Esp female, bc we’re all practically insane w/e… https://t.co/mevodh3EYK
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons Perhaps not :/ Personally I’ve come across fake acceptance that has been taken away the sec I’m not… https://t.co/tJSv7vpRMl
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @asperchica @alexhaagaard @broken_neurons ayup. amazing how autistic persons diagnosed with congenital femaleness g… https://t.co/baNehD0nEP
@EyesLikeEels (EyesLikeEels): @autchatmod also sorry I’m not fantastic at picking up on/following directions. I retrospectively #autchat everything!
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): @broken_neurons @photon_barrier @alexhaagaard Yeah, it’s at least trying to focus on what people need at that point… https://t.co/UlgxVIMjkv
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @alexhaagaard @nicoleradziwill @broken_neurons @asperchica so in canada they have the same habits for that as in US? #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard I’m sorry, it really shouldn’t be. :/ #autchat
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard I understand why people with an NT-perspective would try to label autistics this way,… https://t.co/M1nxR1CFfq
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): @photon_barrier @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard Perhaps a translation issue? Supposed to be descriptions of support n… https://t.co/i9TVGuk5gL
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard These “severity levels” say nothing about what kind of specific help the person actually needs. #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): @broken_neurons @photon_barrier @alexhaagaard Ah, okay. Must have overlooked that. #autchat
@tmorizot (Scott Morizot): @photon_barrier @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard Nope, other than in vague general terms. Though it varies enough that… https://t.co/hjHJxt1HWp
@photon_barrier (Astimmetra): @tmorizot @broken_neurons @alexhaagaard I dunno how DXs worked before I got mine, but my papers do mention what I h… https://t.co/1fLWzEJwL0
@Unuhinuii (Anna Mʻ): @EyesLikeEels @alexhaagaard @broken_neurons @asperchica @project1enigma I didn’t grow up in US so wondering: is soc… https://t.co/xjCgaPUK8S
@TheSilentWave (The Silent Wave ♨️): A0: 39yo late-DX #ActuallyAutistic non-binary female. Philosophy is #boycottAS #RedInstead ? #autchat https://t.co/NaYwgc8aza
@TheSilentWave (The Silent Wave ♨️): A1: “awareness” & *Awareness* are different. “Awareness” = having heard the term. *Awareness* = having really known… https://t.co/5TOl4SPBqy
@TheSilentWave (The Silent Wave ♨️): A2: building bridges, speaking up (including writing/blogging), forming/joining self-advocacy groups if possible, e… https://t.co/S9yRcxVWcJ
@TheSilentWave (The Silent Wave ♨️): A3: Acceptance means they know me well & see multiple sides of me, & take me as I am, w/o trying to change me ❤️… https://t.co/2oKnvrLqpc
@k1yla (KAYLA): i dont no wot ur questions mean #autchat
@TheSilentWave (The Silent Wave ♨️): A4: there’s a begrudging type of “acceptance” that feels like they’re martyrs for accepting someone. Also, inspirat… https://t.co/sHDdwbRsds
@TheSilentWave (The Silent Wave ♨️): A5: it’s a good start. But I’d like to see Appreciation (a recognition and respect of our strengths) next ? #autchat https://t.co/vRHt5jPeU0
@actuallyautist (Sandra Fernandez): @autchatmod A1: For me, awareness means people learning about autism, that we exist and what autism is, etc. #autchat
@bobcat19901 (Joshua Jenkins): hi? #autchat
@actuallyautist (Sandra Fernandez): @autchatmod A1 cont: AutismParents™ version of awareness is not helpful, w/puzzle pieces, LIUB, etc.It should be us… https://t.co/nI1qt2u1K1
@actuallyautist (Sandra Fernandez): @autchatmod A2: We can increase it becoming more visible in social media and other media. Parents of autistic ppl c… https://t.co/piqt6ByoNR
@actuallyautist (Sandra Fernandez): @autchatmod A3: Acceptance means that people accept you the way you are, regardless of the fact that you’re different #autchat
@actuallyautist (Sandra Fernandez): @autchatmod A5: I think there should be total understanding, not just “acceptance”, + #autchat
@actuallyautist (Sandra Fernandez): @autchatmod A5: + but that is too difficult to achieve and will take a lot of years, maybe even a century or two #autchat
@thinkingautism (ThinkingAutismGuide): *So* many stories of #autistic self-diagnosis & self-identification in recent #AutChat (compiled by @autchatmods): https://t.co/1Z98JziYwz
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A1. A lot of the time, autism #awareness seems to be more about #bewaredness: About propagating a sense of fear over YOUR CHILDREN. #autchat
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A1. I find it most helpful when it is about reducing disability via educating allistics. It’s a good opportunity for conversation. #autchat
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A1. Several coworkers and friends used it as an opportunity to explain to allistics things that the allistics don’t think about #autchat.
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A2. TBH I’d prefer if this question were “how can allistic people increase helpful awareness?” #autchat
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A2. There’s too much emphasis in every community on asking the disadvantaged to do the legwork rather than the powerful. #autchat
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A2. That said, if you have the splines and spoons: Articles. Visibility. Saying “I am #ActuallyAutistic.” #autchat
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A3. Acceptance means being willing to deal with the ways that society disadvantages and understanding how they are complicit. #autchat
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A3. That can be as simple as actually acknowledging it if that’s all the person can do, or it can be much more robust. #autchat
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A4. The most helpful forms of acceptance do not make it about the allistic person. #autchat
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A4. The specifics are hard to encompass because they vary by what the person can do or their relationship. #autchat
@waterprinciple (David H. Clements): A1. A lot of the time #AutismAwareness is “use blue lights for the poor parents of children who are autistic”… and I just can’t. #autchat
@ja54kki (jackie coles): A1 ,Helpful : empathy. Unhelpful: the ” designer autism” which is a trendy accessory, nothing like the real thing #classic autism #autchat
@ja54kki (jackie coles): A3, acceptance would be when severe non verbal autistics are deemed to be valuable members of society and not just written off #autchat
@ja54kki (jackie coles): A5 Acceptance not enough, more help , facilities for the forgotten minority, the non verbal , the severely autistic people. #autchat

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