Autism and different cultures (revised)

This chat was originally held on May 31, 2016, and revisited on Jun 12, 2016. You can view a transcript of the first chat here.

Today’s #autchat is about autism and different cultures. Thanks to @soft_delete for today’s questions!

Q1 Do u think cultural background impacts how different autistics are perceived by others? #autchat

Q2 What aspects of autism do you think differ across cultures? #autchat

Q3 Do u think not recognizing cultural differences between autistics can have a negative impact? E.g. influence correct dx? #autchat

Q4 Are u aware of other cultures that perceive autism differently w/ very different results – negative or positive? #autchat

Q5 Do u think autism itself could be conceptualized as a subculture & what are the benefits of seeing it as such? #autchat

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