Closure and interpersonal relationships

Read a past chat on this topic: Jan 5, 2019.

Sometimes a friendship or other interpersonal relationship breaks down unexpectedly, and we don’t know why.

Sometimes we may discover that friends we trusted have lied to us or omitted important information, and we may not know why. #AutChat

Sometimes we may end a friendship or relationship ourselves, or lie or omit important information in a friendship or relationship. #AutChat

Today’s chat is about situations like this: where a friendship or other relationship has broken down, and where one person wants to know why, but it’s not appropriate to ask, or where the other person does not want to say. #AutChat

These kinds of situations can involve very personal details. Please keep in mind that Twitter is public, and that other people involved could potentially see your answers. #AutChat

Q1: When someone ends a friendship/relationship without explanation, or lies or omits important information, it can be difficult to know what to do. What do you take into account when deciding whether to talk to them (or others) about it? #AutChat

Q2: When you need more information to understand why a friendship/relationship has broken down, but that information isn’t available or wouldn’t be appropriate to ask for, how do you handle your own emotions and reactions? #AutChat

Q3: Have you sought out information on why situations like this happen in general? Was that information helpful to you or not? #AutChat

Q4: If you ended a friendship or relationship, or lied or omitted important information, and chose not to explain why, what factors were involved in it for you? Would you do anything differently if you could do it over again? #AutChat

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