Coping with holidays during the pandemic

View a past chat on this topic here: November 29, 2020. Questions: This #AutChat is on coping with holidays during the pandemic. Feel free to answer about any holidays, not just upcoming ones. Holidays often involve both stress and good things – travel, routine changes, visiting family members, etc. But due to the pandemic, even […]

Writing about your experiences with neurodivergence

View past chats on this topic: October 11, 2020 and February 19, 2023. Q1. (1/2) Do you do personal writing related to your experiences as a neurodivergent person? For example, blogging, memoir, essays, articles, tweet threads, etc. If you have a link to your work, please feel welcome to include it. #AutChat Q1. (2/2) If […]

Autistic and similarly neurodivergent youth

View past chats on this topic: September 27, 2020. Thank you to @GeorgeT_UK and @huffietina for their input during question writing! Today’s #AutChat questions can be answered by anyone, but please try to center the experiences of autistic/similar people who are currently youth-aged as we discuss this topic. (Feel free to self-define whether you currently […]