Autistic and neurodivergent pride

Read a past chat on this topic: Mar 15, 2020. Q1: How do you define autistic (or neurodivergent) pride? What does it mean to you personally? #AutChat Q2: Have you seen other people in autistic/neurodivergent communities discussing autistic/neurodivergent pride? Are there differences or similarities to how you think about it? #AutChat Q3: Has your relationship […]

Autistic and neurodivergent communities and the future

View a past chat on this topic here: Feb 9, 2020. Today is #AutChat’s five-year anniversary! We began back in Feb 2015. As of today #AutChat has had 323 chats on 151 topics! #AutChat began because autistic folks on Twitter were having many good discussions about autism, and wanted to keep them from getting […]

Relationship to language

View a past chat on this topic: Feb 23, 2020. Q1: What were your experiences with reading, writing, and spoken (or signed) language during childhood? elementary school? beyond? #AutChat Q2: Do you have co-occurring conditions that influence your relationship to written, spoken, or signed language? For example, hyperlexia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, aphasia, synesthesia, auditory processing problems, […]

Closure and interpersonal relationships

Read a past chat on this topic: Jan 5, 2019. Sometimes a friendship or other interpersonal relationship breaks down unexpectedly, and we don’t know why. Sometimes we may discover that friends we trusted have lied to us or omitted important information, and we may not know why. #AutChat Sometimes we may end a friendship or […]

Autistic and similarly neurodivergent characters in fiction (followup chat)

View previous chats on this topic: December 15, 2019 and February 12, 2023. At a previous chat on autistic characters in fiction, we asked folks what topics they would like to cover in a follow-up chat. Here’s that chat! “Fiction” here covers books, short stories, TV, movies, etc. #AutChat Q1: Sometimes a story will portray a […]

Uneven skills and abilities

View a past chat on this topic: Nov 17, 2019 and June 12, 2022. Q1: Do you have any skills or abilities that are significantly better (or worse) than your other skills or abilities? Those include all kinds of skills/abilities – for example, using specialized software, planning complicated tasks, chopping vegetables safely. #AutChat Q2: Have […]

Interacting with research

View past chats on this topic: November 3, 2019 and August 14, 2022. Research informs policies and practices that affect our lives as neurodivergent people. However, research agendas may not line up with community priorities, and research results aren’t always accessible. Today’s chat is about how we interact with research. #AutChat Thank you to @yes_thattoo […]